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ORT 5.8Ghz Helical Antenna 3 Turn RPSMA

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Freq Channel : 5600 ~ 6000 GHz

Gain (dBi) : 7 dBic

SWR/S11 : < 1:1.3

Beam width : 120 degrees

Polarization : Circularly Polarized – RHCP

Gain Pattern : Directional (need to be pointed on general flying area)

Connector : RpSMA 

MADE IN INDONESIA, special tuned for each Antenna. Helical Antenna has 2 modes, which called ‘Normal Mode’ (linearly polarized) & ‘Axial Mode’ (circularly polarized). The Axial Mode is the one we are using normally for FPV since it has benefit of circularly polarized radiation. Based on its own design, Helical has 180ohm impedance which is not matched with our FPV system with 50ohm impedance. Hence so called helical antenna tuning is the most important part to ensure the antenna matched with our FPV system and providing you most efficient antenna. We had tested 3 turn helical with our Cocktail omni antenna to get stable signal as further as 8-11km with wide signal coverage, perfect antenna for balance of wide signal coverage & range.
What we have here is:
- Fine tuned helical gives you better circularity by using “real elements” compare to PCB printed type patch which don’t perform too well at high frequency due to dielectric constant on the pcb.
- Wider bandwidth than patch antenna, fortunately on its own design helical give absolutely wide band coverage ~ 400 MHz, all along thru 5.8 GHz channel so you get best performance at ALL channel.
- Cool & funky looking antennas on your head, what else can you ask?

Rp 300.000
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Nama BarangORT Goggles Edition 5.8Ghz Antenna
Harga Rp 300.000
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