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XT60-Plug Parallel Li-po Charging Adaptor Board 2-6s Charge/Balance Plate

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Harga Rp 120.000
  • Charge and balance up to six lipo batteries at once.
  • Features XT-60 for your batteries main leads and JST-XH balance plugs ranging from 2S to 6S.
  • It has 20Z-thick copper foil, so it can withstand continual current of 80A.
  • Avoid the trouble of replacing batteries repeatedly.
  • Prevent each cell when overcharge or short circuit happerns.

This product is used for connecting and simultaneously charging 1-6 lithium batteries in parallel(Including the LiPo, LiFe and Lion). It can support combined use for 3 parallel charging boards(it means you can charge 18 batteries which have the same characters at the same time).

Package Contents:
1 x Parallel charging board
1 x User Manual
1 x Balanced cable(7-pin balance ports).

Note: Batteries being connected to the Parallel Board MUST have the same cell count / voltage. They can have different capacity and discharging rate. But the Voltage must be the same.